New Brunswick™ Innova® 5000

New Brunswick™ Innova® 5000

Multi-tier open air platform shaker for use with interchangeable accessory platforms    

Product Information

The Innova 5000 is a multi-tier open air shaker which handles hundreds of samples simultaneously. This workhorse is ideal for screening studies as it uniformly shakes all samples at the same time. Even with all six platforms fully loaded and running at maximum speed, the Innova 5000 is designed for minimum stress and vibration of your samples. Remote monitoring and control via removable control module can be panel mounted or positioned outside the chamber. Fiber-optic link enables positioning controls up to 10 m (32.8 ft) away and eliminates electrical "noise" and the need for bulky electrical wires. Optional output signal enables recording speed on an external chart recorder.


  • 6 removable platforms – 82.5 × 68 cm (32.5 × 26.75 in) accommodate flasks 10 mL to 6 L (platforms sold separately)
  • Agitation: 25 – 350 rpm (±1 rpm) provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types
  • 2” counterbalanced orbit provides uniform agitation to all samples without being bolted to the floor
  • Ideal for use in an environmental room. Cool-running brushless DC motor has no appreciable effect on room temperature.
  • Easy-to-use membrane keypad with LED display
  • Speed controlled and displayed in increments of 1 rpm
  • Includes audible and visual alarms, timer (0  –  99.9 h) with continuous operation or automatic shut-off at the end of the study
  • Digital display indicates speed, setpoint, running time and alarm conditions
  • Ergonomic design with cantilevered platforms provide unobstructed access to all flasks