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 Pole Dancers 

Want something different for your party?

Try our new exciting live Lap / Pole Dancing presentation for your Bachelorette party!
Pole dancers are a new dance fitness method that guarantees to increase confidence, sensuality and femininity to empower you in all areas of your life.
Pole dancing is fun, funky and feminine. It is a great way of working towards a healthier, leaner, more toned and sexy body in as little as 3 months.

The Workout is unique as it incorporates a traditional workout combined with exotic dance moves and pole dancing.

Pole Dancing is the hottest rage that in the U.K., the States and now Canada. It has been seen on Oprah, MNet and now Top Billing in South Africa! Pole dancers are fit and gives you the body that you have always been looking for.

However, many women are shy about stepping into a gym or dance studio to try pole dancing for the first time.

So we’ve brought the magic of the experience into your living room to be shared in a fun, positive, safe environment. You can come out and play, have fun and feel very supported by your friends and one of our qualified party presenters.

For ALL women regardless of fitness level, shape or size.



This is the best way to spend a splendid afternoon with your friends having fun with the bachelorette…..


Check out Theresa who is one of the top INSTRUCTORS in SA.