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EXOTICA is Africa’s Best and Only full production male exotic show for Ladies Nights.

EXOTICA is a voyeuristic phenomenon. An extravaganza show with a whole lot of variety and an exhilarating production, created and choreographed with one single goal…TO PLEASURE WOMEN.

EXOTICA is South Africa s most recognised brand name in ‘ladies entertainment’, performing for thousands of women each year. The company has extablished itself as ‘the ultimate girls night out’.

Established in 1999, EXOTICA has been leading the SA circuit since. Locally and internationally recognised as the best male review show around.

EXOTICA performers have been to 4 different continents, in countries such as: Singapore, Italy, Germany, Austria and USA.

The show entails:

Dancing: Hip-hop, latin, freestyle, slow and raunchy routines

Acrobatics: Balancing strenght act

Singing: Boy band style. Stripping: Primal, erotic, raunchy scenes……and much much more.

EXOTICA is a world-renowned, all male revue show for all Ladies Nights.

The show was produced in 1999 by Paulo Barrote and it has been growing in popularity every year since. The strategy of the owner of the show and the reason for it’s explosive growth is quite simple:

To provide women with a fully choreographed production featuring only the best looking, best built, most talented and experienced male-exotic entertainers in the business.

Ladies of all ages enjoy this spectacular stage show that includes big screen visuals, humour, sensuality, and precise choreography with a touch of acrobatic talent!

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