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Springbok Nude Galz

 The Springbok Nude Galz, were put together in 2008, as there is a demand for the female version of a male review show. The show is unique and the ONLY one in SA.

 Paulo Barrote (choreographer) has auditioned hundreds of girls for this and has come up witha top 8, which are hot , beautiful, and sexy.
These are the girls that will spoil u in every way and will give you an hour of joy while your wildest fantasies come true.                 
The ultimate guys night out just waiting to tantelize your taste buds like the saying goes “different strokes for different folks”and that is the reason why we have every theme you can think of and every look that you’re looking for. Themes : School girl, cop, leather, bunnygram, navy and nurse top mention a few.
10000 mega bytes of girl power to spoil your every fantasy the ladies of exoticdancers.co.za are a must for all gents to see!
These Stunning girls will charge your testosterone. A-plus entertainment. These ladies move so seductively that will tease u to the max for the best rates and best dancers call today we have every look possible for, its just a question of asking from blondes to brunettes or red-heads.
The SPRINGBOK NUDE GALZ    are a classy, professional act that you will remember for a long time to come.     


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