Pricasso artist at the sexpo

We went to the “sexpo” or the sex exhibition show in Johannesburg because we had nothing else to do and because shows are always interesting… and thats where we met “PRICASSO” the penile artist. Yes thats right… he paints with his dick. So, obviously we signed up and these are some snippits of what was happening…

Pricasso outlining our faces with his dick. he’d dip the penis head into his paint and mix colors and use his hand to flop the penis around like a paint brush. It was quite amazing actually. Very talented guy.

Here’s a closer look. He was definately brazillian waxed. Easier to clean the paint off and all that. His nuts are currently on my forehead – trojan soldier??

After finishing our faces… Pricasso used his glutes to paint a blue background.

On the bottom right handed corner, he signed the painting by writing “p r i c a s s” with a paintbrush by hand… and then he wet the tip of his penis with paint and stamped the “o” with his dick head. if you look at our painting you can actually see an imprint of the opening of the urethra.

Pricasso and us!! tah dah!!! Because there were 3 of us and he only did paintings in 30 min increments, he said he wasn’t able to add in all the details, but i personally think the picture is awesome for penis art. He was very friendly and awesome to work with.


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