New Sexy Topless Waitress

Simone – Topless

Topless waitress

20 min bachelor show

Nurse show

Playboy show

Glam show

Pearls and diamonds show

Topless waitress

Lingerie hostess


10 Responses to Simone – Topless

  • Niven says:

    The ladies were very friendly, vibey and great performers. Thank you. Vivek

  • Nevine says:

    The two girls were very good and a lot of fun. They put on a great show and the boys had lots of fun. Exactly what i was hopping for and the bachelor had a unique, fun and special night. No complaints here and we are very happy with the companys service. Nevine

  • Simone and Madison were both professional, professional and punctual. It was important to be on time as the boat was leaving at a specific time. We will use your services again. Danie

  • Johan Fourie says:

    Sorry for only getting back to you now. Both Madison and Simone were fantastic and had a lot of fun. Thanx for all the arrangements, etc. The boys really enjoyed the trip. The girls were punctual and professional and we definitely recommend your services. Johan

  • Daryl says:

    Everything went perfect and no problems what so ever. Everyone enjoyed themselves perfectly and Simone was great. Some guys were even asking where i found her so there was some free advertising for you guys. Daryl

  • Clint says:

    Simone was awesome and so we were very happy with her. Thank you. Clint

  • Must say both Simone and Madison were amazing. They were such fun and knew exactly how to handle the guys, like true professionals. Please thank them for us and a big thank you to you guys for booking them too. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more info. Johan

  • Thomas says:

    This girl was absolutely brilliant last night. The guys cant stop talking about Simone and my only wish is that she would have stayed longer as she was spectacular. Guys you wont be sorry if you book her i can promise you that.

  • Simone says:

    We booked Roger for the ladies and Simone for the men and they were both fantastic, very professional just a pity the male stripper did not take off everything. We will most certainly use your services again. Simone

  • Chris says:

    Both Madison and Simone were really good. Thank you so much Paul. Chris +447766257186

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