New Heart Throb

Juan – Boy

Boy stripper

20 min bachelorette show

30 min bachelorette show

20 min club show

Magic Mike show

hip hop show

50 shades of grey show

Full monty show

Topless waiter


3 Responses to Juan – Boy

  • Laura says:

    Juan was a hottie and the ladies loved him too. Very entertaining show, excellent dancer. Thank you very much for booking him for us. Will gladly book through you guys next time.

  • Robert says:

    We had a party on saturday for both my straight and gay friends. Juan was unbelievable and everyone just wanted more. He was really fantastic. We definitely recommend him and you guys.

  • Mark Phillips says:

    Thank you for booking Juan last minute. He got to our function within 30 minutes and was very professional. Credit goes out to you guys and Juan. Thanks once again.

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