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30 Responses to Ivy – Blonde

  • Menno says:

    Hi Paul, all was very good thanks. The girls were excellent with the guys and had a great attitude ,so all worked out well for the purpose. very sexy girls, You guys always deliver the very best in entertainment. Ivy was particularly exceptional. Menno 0834544565

  • Sean Tunley says:

    Ivy was very very good and she is also a very good dancer entertainer. What a good show. The boys all had a fun time and we would recommend her and you guys for all other parties, thank you for arranging everything. Sean 0828051223

  • Govender says:

    Ivy was incredible, stunning and gorgeous. Very very impressed by Ivy and will book her again soon. Thank you to you guys too for being so professional. Govender 0760534550

  • Jenna says:

    Thank you StripSA for booking Ivy for my husband and i, we had a lot of fun. She was very professional and she is exactly like her pictures on the web site, very hot. Will most definitely book her again

  • Americo says:

    Ivy was fantastic. She was a very beautiful, sexy and confident young woman and it showed in her performance. She made the occasion fun and everyone enjoyed it tremendously. She was the highlight of the day. Americo 0825525067

  • Marti says:

    The girls were extremely professional and great entertainment. We will definitely book them again. Marti 0823745104

  • Quinton says:

    Ivy was 110 percent, really really sexy girl and also amazing personality. Will book any time and we definitely recommend her. She was awesome. Thank you to the agency for booking her too on such short notice. Quinton 0827377065

  • Ian says:

    Ivy was a stunning girl, really really sexy and very professional too. We are still talking about her today. Much appreciated guys. Ian 0722303996

  • Jonothan says:

    Ivy was very hot and her show was 200 percent. She was perfect in all ways, gorgeous and very nice girl to chat too. Jonothan 0745503435

  • Marc says:

    Just a big thank you for booking Ivy, she was awesome, what a good show and we will recommend exoticdancers anytime. Marc 0824551913

  • Ryan says:

    Our female stripper Ivy was absolutely gorgeous and professional. Thumbs up and thank you for the entertainment. Ryan 0711128520

  • Lee says:

    Ivy is a master in her craft, highly recommended. Thank you for booking her. Lee 0827862025

  • Willem says:

    Ivy was punctual, professional and most of all very sexy. The guys are still talking about her non stop. Very very impressed and the best we have ever seen for sure. Willem 0833594136

  • Mike Sawyer says:

    Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous lady which is easy to see from her pictures, but what a personality! We had been partying since 11 am in the morning and we were ready to pass out by the time the show started at 9 pm. She literally brought the party back to life. Truly amazing. We definitely recommend her and you guys. Mike 0837928257

  • David says:

    Ivy was excellent. She worked the crowd well and was thoroughly professional. I would be very happy to hire her again and to recommend her to any potential client. David 0760315943

  • Lydia Kruger says:

    We really enjoyed Ivy. She did her performance in very good taste. Thank you so much, she is definitely a very good advertising for your business. Will book her again for sure. Lydia 0825553705

  • Devon says:

    Both girls were very good, however the guys had a better time with Ivy and unfortunately the second girl had a very tough act. We can see why Ivy comes highly recommended. Devon 0828296823

  • Ivy was sensational. She immediately took charge and had the guys captivated. She was vibrant, sensual, bubbly and seductive enough to have the guys hearts racing. I had comments from the guys, ” she worth the wait” “she was sassy and gorgeous” “what a hottie” best show i have ever seen”. Thank you so much for booking your Ivy for us. Cherie 0838662246

  • Menno says:

    We booked 8 girls lat minute and were very happy with the girls. Our favorite girls were Ivy, Lisha, Ally. Thank you very much for your services. Menno 0834544565

  • Ryan says:

    The girls were awesome and great fun too. Exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for booking the girls for us and we will recommend you guys to others. Ryan 0724258243

  • Hi Paul, hope you are well. Lets just say that i got a pat on the back from my friends and got told she was the best stripper the guys had ever seen. Well done and good choice Paul. Thank you very much. Reshlin 0837999880

  • Jeremy says:

    Sorry but was in Zambia for a while. Ivy was great and i would recommend her any day. Thanks for assisting. The bachelors party would not have been so much fun without her dancing. Please extend our thanks to Ivy. Jeremy 0827839024

  • Tony V says:

    We certainly had an amazing event thanks to the girls and you. The girls were courteous and stunning at the same time. All in all they were very professional so thank you. Tony 0824437327

  • Alistair says:

    Ivy and Carly were super stars. The guys were very impressed with the ladies. The ladies socialized with the guys after there show which was great. Ivy was definitely the guys favorite. Alistair

  • Hiren says:

    The girl on friday Minky and the other girl on saturday Ivy were absolutely awesome. Both were hot, professional and fun and we would definitely recommend them both again. Hiren 0824447946

  • Megan Jones says:

    Ivy was brilliant! We loved having her there. She was so much fun and really got the party started. the guys also said that the other stripper was amazing and that they loved her show. We are extremely impressed with exoticdancers and will definitely recommend you guys, thank you once again. Megan 0738775717

  • Bruno Albino says:

    Please send our thanks to Ivy. I have been to a number of bachelors and Ivy ranks the best. She was friendly, fun, professional and her show was good clean fun. Not to mention she has a great body and knows how to use it. All the guys commented how awesome her show was. Even the groom s father and the father in law loved her show. I will definitely recommend her and you guys in the future to other mates. All the best. Bruno 0836081181

  • Morne Louw says:

    Ivy was great and very professional. The gentlemen had a ball so thank you for your great service. Morne 0725177962

  • Mark Phillips says:

    Ivy was very good and very professional. I would definitely recommend you guys. Francois 0765246348

  • Francois says:

    Ivy was very good and very very professional. I would definitely recommend you guys. Francois 0765246348

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