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Kelly –
Female stripper

Female stripper

30 min bachelor show

15 min club show

Cowgirl show

Nurse show

Grand Prix show

Toy show

Lesbian show

Topless waitress


15 Responses to Kelly –
Female stripper

  • As recommended you were absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for the show and see you soon

  • Rui says:

    Thank you Mark and the Exotic Dancers team for booking Kelly on saturday at Hartebeespoort Dam for us. Kelly was really hot and we recommend her to anyone who wants a professional hot show. Thank you.

  • Gustav says:

    Kelly you have the most amazing body and you surely know how to use it. Its Gustav from Randpark Ridge, you did the show earlier on. I am kinda single, do you think i can book you to go out with me for dinner?

  • Kelly was exceptional and we are very happy with her show and your services, thank you

  • Imesh says:

    Hi there, just want to let you guys know that Kelly was a super star and did a really good show and the bachelor lover her, very well done

  • Kelly was unbelievable and we will definitely book her again, Thanks so much for everything guys

  • Tinus says:

    fantastic show and also very nice girl,everyone had a good time and she is very classy which is what we were looking for

  • Kelly was stunning, great presence and also a very nice person. The guys thoroughly enjoyed her and we can only say that you cant go wrong if you book her for a show. Thanks guys

  • Mr Fortoen says:

    Hi, i am the bestman for my brothers wedding and need information and rates on the different packages, just need some guidance, we have seen Kelly before and she was brilliant, can you please call me?

  • Reinhard says:

    I would like to enquire on your rates and packages please ?

  • Maurice says:

    Booked with other companies before and was not happy so never expected to get the service i got from Exoticdancers. They were absolutely awesome, very professional and really recommend them for men s entertainment. We also booked last minute which added presure but they got four very stunning, hot, friendly girls for us to hostess and do lap dances. The girls also stayed extra time at the party for no additional costs. Thank you so much Exoticdancers. Maurice 0828001464

  • Anthony says:

    The female stripper was unbelievable, gorgeous and friendly. She had the patience of waiting for us to finish our breakfast and even stayed longer after the show so was not a hit and run like usual. her show was really entertaining and we recommend her highly. Furthermore exoticdancers was very professional how they handled by booking and they were precise and professional. Thank you so much. Regards Anthony 0824419345

  • Matt Wade says:

    Kelly was awesome !!! She is very professional and friendly and all round hit with the guys. Matt 0842765701

  • Leigh says:

    We did a booking for saturday the 16th January and the models had to play the part of prostitutes as it was a prostitute themed paty. The models were absolutely incredible, sexy and very professional. The two boys and the four girls really did very very well. Also would like to compliment the agency as we booked last minute and they were able to help us. Very well done guys. Leigh 0828901519

  • Sebastian says:

    Kelly was very very good last night. Brilliant performer and also very nice girl, not to mention very sexy too. Very happy with your services.

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