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Clio – Bachelor
parties Cape Town

Bachelor parties Cape town

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5 Responses to Clio – Bachelor
parties Cape Town

  • Wilfred says:

    Thank you for asking for feedback. The girl was awesome and the guys had a blast. Thank you so much and keeping you guys in mind for the very next one.

  • Clint says:

    We booked three lovely ladies from exoticdancers on saturday and all the ladies were awesome. Sugar, Chloe and Roxy rocked it and we were very very impressed. I will continue to use exticdancers in future and recommend them highly. Clio was brilliant. They also follow up on feedback which shows just how professional the company is. Thank you exoticdancers and keep up the good work. Clint

  • A great time we had by all thanks to exoticdancers. The female stripper gave a wonderful show, extremely entertaining, arrived as arranged in time and played a mickey to an older audience. Very very impressed with your services. The service is highly recommended. Thank you exoticdancers.

  • Themba says:

    Clio was great and really enjoyed her. Had lots of fun and i will recommend her. Thank you to Exoticdancers.

  • Clio was absolutely stunning, excellent performance. Highly recommendable.

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