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Candy – Stripper
Cape Town

Stripper Cape Town

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3 Responses to Candy – Stripper
Cape Town

  • John Blake says:

    Booked you and Rene for the lesbian show on sat at Piet s bachelor s and that was the hottest show we have ever seen. Very raunchy show. You were both magnificent. A big thank you to exoticdancers.

  • mario rocha says:

    Candy was just that, candy to all of us, she was brilliant and we are very glad that we booked her. Will contact you guys again

  • Stuart says:

    Candy was booked and she did not disappoint as she did an excellent show and was very classy which was what we were looking for. We asked her to leave her g string on cause of the father in law that was there and she did so. Thank you

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