Highly recommended exotic dancer

April – Exotic
dancer Gauteng

Exotic dancer Gauteng

20 min bachelor show

30 min bachelor show

20 min club show

Burlesque show

Glam show

Showgirl show

Topless waitress

Lingerie model


3 Responses to April – Exotic
dancer Gauteng

  • Gary says:

    April was very sexy and entertaining and all the guys loved her performance. She also stayed after the show and chilled with us which was really sweet of her, thank you so much for booking her for us, Regards Gary 0798761896

  • Wayne says:

    April was abslutely brilliant and we could see that she is new in the business as she still has that sense of innocense which was a bonus. We all liked her a lot and would like to do a booking for her again at the end of this month. I will send you the details of dates and venue. Thank you so much guys, really appreciate it.

  • Monya says:

    April was fantastic at our bike wash. The guys adored her and actually wanted her to stay longer. Very well done to you and your girls. Will use you guys again next year Monya 0723290108

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