Full monty specialist

Andre – Full
monty stripper

Full monty stripper

20 min bachelorette show

30 min bachelorette show

15 min club show

Police show

Hip hop shoow

Navy show

Topless waiter

Bottomless barman

Full monty show


2 Responses to Andre – Full
monty stripper

  • Nadine says:

    Once again thank you so much for your help and for your professionalism. The topless waiters did not disappoint and were very sweet and sexy at the same time. They were helpfull and ever so charming. The ladies loved them big time. Topless or not the ladies loved them. Can you please forward the pics you have of us and once i get the others we will send you some for your guys records. A big thank you from us ladies. Nadine 0833526465

  • Wayne says:

    Exotic dancers was excellent and booked two excellent guys for our party. We only paid for one so we really scored. Thank you guys. Wayne 0824134374

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