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EXOTICA is Africa’s Best and Only full production male exotic show for Ladies Nights.

EXOTICA is a voyeuristic phenomenon. An extravaganza show with a whole lot of variety and an exhilarating production, created and choreographed with one single goal…TO PLEASURE WOMEN.

EXOTICA is South Africa s most recognised brand name in ‘ladies entertainment’, performing for thousands of women each year. The company has extablished itself as ‘the ultimate girls night out’.

Established in 1999, EXOTICA has been leading the SA circuit since. Locally and internationally recognised as the best male review show around.

EXOTICA performers have been to 4 different continents, in countries such as: Singapore, Italy, Germany, Austria and USA.

The show entails:

Dancing: Hip-hop, latin, freestyle, slow and raunchy routines

Acrobatics: Balancing strenght act

Singing: Boy band style. Stripping: Primal, erotic, raunchy scenes……and much much more.

EXOTICA is a world-renowned, all male revue show for all Ladies Nights.

The show was produced in 1999 by Paulo Barrote and it has been growing in popularity every year since. The strategy of the owner of the show and the reason for it’s explosive growth is quite simple:

To provide women with a fully choreographed production featuring only the best looking, best built, most talented and experienced male-exotic entertainers in the business.

Ladies of all ages enjoy this spectacular stage show that includes big screen visuals, humour, sensuality, and precise choreography with a touch of acrobatic talent!

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45 Responses to Exotica All Male Review | Ladies nights

  • tieghan barn says:

    watched you guys at presleys the other night and you guys were super hot. where can we watch you next?

  • Janet Smith says:

    Saw your show on sat night at the Vaal, with Paulo and the boys and must say, best show i have ever watched. Please let me know where i can get tickets to come watch you guys on the 31st of August at the Boma? Who can i contact for the tickets?

  • Roelien says:

    Well done to you boys for such a hot show. Very well choreographed and the guys all had brilliant timing. And coming from a dancer you know that is ahuge compliment.

  • watched the ladies night with the guys from Exotica at Gig Tyd and we had a total blast. Never seeen such yumy men in my life. plse book the group again and i will bring all my ladies for a rad ladies night. thanks guys for making it special

  • Your show was really hot guys OMG, you guys were slick, the routines were amazing and on top of it you are all nice guys. Would like you to support you guys again. Are you guys on FB? plse send me your link.

  • I still have hot flushes thinking about your show this morning. Sitting here at work and my friends keep asking why i have this smile on my face, i simply say because i wathed the yumiest boys i have seen. When are you guys performing in the Parkhurst area again? Please let me know. By the way i Liked your page

  • Michelle says:

    Cant wait to see you guys on the 31st at the Boma. My friends are all excited too and hope we can sit right in front so we see more. Is there going to be lap dances after the show?

  • Went to a ladies night at Ty’s last night and must say you guys were pretty fab. Will be at Ty’s with more of my friends to watch you guys. See you then.

  • Candice says:

    Just want to say that you guys were phenomenal last night. Very hot guys and you routines were amazing. Will be following you guys. Are you on twitter and facebook?

  • Diana Bosch says:

    Saw you guys at Majestic Hotel in Krugersdorp and must tell you you guys were absolutely amazing. Where else do you do shows?

  • Magic thats all I can say. You guys were amazing. See you at the Boma on Friday. Can we buy tickets at the door?

  • Best show I have ever seen. The ladies from AlbertonLooking will never forget you. Definitely saw a different side to women thanks to you guys. Till the next one ciao

  • Zhakira says:

    What a fantastic show, must say you guys were wow. Awesome, awesome. Loved Ross Ruan Warrick and the main guy, forgot his name.

  • Amazing job guys, you were really good at the Boma on friday night.

  • Carol Swarts says:

    What a phenomenal production. thank you for giving us such a good show. Will be at your next show for sure. Thank you

  • Cindy Eliot says:

    You guys were the best show i have ever seen. Saw Pulse before and must say you guys were a much better show. Well done guys.

  • Was at the Boma for the last ladies night with pulse and must say you guys make them look like amatures. Pulse only has one good looking guy which is Devlyn, in your group all the guys are hot. Thank you Exotica we had a great time and will be back for more.

  • Seen pulse at Presleys and must be honest you guys are way better. Would love to see you guys again. plse tell me how to add me onto your page so we know where you guys perform.

  • Tamryn Hatch says:

    Unbelieveble show. we all had a very good time. When are you guys at the Boma again?

  • Very good performance boys. Was really impressed to watch your show at Presleys last night. How often are you guys there?

  • Was at your show last night at Presleys and must say you guys are very good. Just one thing, the guy that was playing games mentioned something about lap dances. What happened? I wanted one. lol

  • Thuli says:

    Amazing show guys. We will never forget you and your moves were out of this world. The music, your choreography, costumes were all excellent. Well done Exotica.

  • Superb show guys. Really top class show and best male group show i have watched. The women really go crazy for you guys. Thank you for such a good show and for teasing us ladies at the Marina Castle.

  • katia Bester says:

    Just wanted to say that we watched the Exotica boys last night at Moth in Bulowayo and must say from the costumes, choreography and the stunning men the show was incredible. Please come back to Zim really soon ok boys?

  • You guys rocked Durban on thursday, thank you for coming to entertain us ladies in Durban, we dont get talent this side, lol. We loved you guys and cant wait to see you guys again.

  • I would like to applaud you and your performers on such a dazzling performance for our end of the year function. Very well done

  • Michelle says:

    The ladies are still talking about their fascination with the show and what they experienced. Very classy show and would like to thank all involved.

  • Nicola Walsh says:

    You guys exceeded our wildest expectations. The ladies can not stop talking about u guys at the office.

  • Mrs Maryke says:

    Exotica was super hot, thank you guys for performing for us ladies at the Vaal last night……..Andantes. Best show i have ever seen.

  • Went to watch Exotica International at LIV for the ladies night and must say were absolutely phenomenal. The bold guy and the guy with the tattoos were the best.

  • What a brilliant show u guys did in Newcastle. All my friends enjoyed it and please let us know if you are coming any time soon again as i would like to take the rest of my friends to see you guys. Keep up the good work guys

  • Erika Muller says:

    Watched the boys at The Watergat in Sasol and have to say that the show was awesome and we are now your fans for life. How can we be informed about shows in the area? Can i contact you guys for that or your office

  • Came see the guys of Exotica at Tudor and thought the show wass brilliant, keep us the good work guys and will see you at presleys end of the month

  • Jenelle says:

    Exotica was brilliant at the Barnyard at the Vaal once again, you guys have us stalking you for life for sure, we will be your biggest supporters

  • Giani says:

    Booked the boys for the Hippo Rally this weekend and the boys did not disappoint and they did an awesome show yeh again. Been working with this agency for four years and the service is excellent, Thank you 0825652013

  • Marie says:

    We had Exotica International last night at Lake Avenue Inn and must say that Exotica is by far the best team we have ever seen. They were professional, exciting and their routines are kick ass, not to mention the yumy guys, marie 0163711115

  • Sammy Bailey says:

    I would like to know where i can go see Exotica again, saw them last week at Presleys and they were fantastic. Told my friends about it and now they all want to go watch the group. Plse let us know where the next gig is?

  • Chene says:

    The guys were excellent and that was the best show i have watched ever, very sexy men and totally professional. Anyone can book them and promise you wont be disappointed, Chene 0827463728

  • the guys from Exotic International were very hot and the best show i have ever watched……very impressed and we will be at the next ladies night in Alberton

  • Wikus says:

    Booked Exotica International this past Sat and must say the ladies loved the show and they have not stopped talking about it. The guys were extremely professional and really nice guys. Everyone was absolutely professional. Call me for any feedback if you would like, Wikus 0829056971

  • Exotica international gave us a fantastic show and the girls loved it. It was great success and will only get better and fuller next time. Booking for more dates with you guys. Thank you exoticdancers for booking the three guys. Kelly 011 4504675

  • Amy says:

    I approached Paulo and Exoticdancers about the ladies function and i received nothing but good service from the get go. Paulo was efficient and full of advise and helped where ever possible. On the day of the function the boys were outstanding. I have received nothing but compliments from all the ladies that attended and i will definitely be using exoticdancers again and i recommend anyone to do the same for any bachelor or bachelorette events to do the same.
    The boys made the event unforgettable and honestly cant wait for the next one.
    Well done Exoticdancers, was a pleasure doing business with you. Amy 0721277530

  • Ballas says:

    The guys of Exotica International rocked it and the ladies did not stop screaming. Very happy with the boys and the services that Exotic dancers provided us. Will book the guys again next year. Ballas 0714447548

  • Ursula Botha says:

    Most of us would have to admit that we’ve had our share of mediocre service from companies in the past, however i am pleased to write this compliment to the Exoticdancers team. I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which your dancrs performed the show. It truly was a very entertaining show that was done with so much class!!! Everyone attending the event was impressed and i personally received numerous complimentson selecting such incredible entertainers. We also want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your comany provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct your business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with youfor years to come. Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me. Ursula Botha 0828497336

  • Ann Marie says:

    What a great group of dancers from exoticdancers. I am very pleased to say that we had an amazing show and the guys were very professional. I will use them in future for sure. We had the ladies night in Rustenburg. #happy customer #exoticainternational. Ann Marie 0760733694

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